Writer. Nomad. Thinker. A dent in the universe.

I started this blog to document my notes and reading. There was a time when people kept a diary of important notes, and think they can come back to refer later. To me, this blog is pretty much the same. Every few days, I post a bunch of notes I have acquired on a topic, and post it here. You may find it useful.

My name is Jaky. I live in the beautiful little Bhavnagar, about 170kms from Ahmedabad, the nearest city with an international Airpot. My life mostly travelogs of journeys between Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar – where I grew up, completed my high school, graduated, and passed almost two decades discovering myself, and my journey to the centre of the universe, and answering questions like whether this planet is the end of the journey, or I am just passing by?

Today, I am a productivity junkie, who loves to read and write. I like hacking into the human consciousness and understand the core of why we do what we do, and how can we do it in the best way. I believe I am very close to the answer, quite literally, India being the a place of discovery and knowing that is beyond scientific expressions, which is often mystified.

Some of my favourite books

  1. Future Shock – Write together with his spouse Adelaide Farrell, Alwin Toffler describes the term Future Shock as a state of shock that psychologically effects the state of societies. It’s a book about what happens when you are faced with too much change in too short a period of time. Read more..